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Primal Energy Iron
Grass Fed Beef Spleen
90 Capsules

Containing one of nature’s richest sources of heme iron, a daily serving of these grass fed and finished beef spleen capsules will provide you with almost 100% of the recommended daily intake of iron. Reduce fatigue and increase energy the wholefood way. 

The benefits.

  • Helps to fight infection and boosts immune system (Retinol the active form of vitamin A)
  • Aids blood cells and the nervous system, reducing tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B12)
  • Supports heart function, and energy creation and supports mental and emotional well-being (vitamin, B3 and B5)
  • Supports your immune system and contributes to normal thyroid function (selenium and iron)
  • Helps with building muscle (protein)

What goes in.

81% Australian beef spleen, 19% bovine gelatine capsule.

What's kept out.

Synthetic beef or multi-processed versions of beef liver.

Did you know?

Commercially produced beef liver are usually made from synthetic versions of the liver and/or a multi-processed version. Ancestral Nutrition organic beef liver is a concentrated, real food in a capsule, made from organic grass-fed and finished Australian cattle that is freeze-dried raw.


Sustainably sourced in Tasmania.

Hot tip.

Take 3 capsules daily.

    Ancestral Nutrition

    Ancestral Nutrition founder Matt Blackham’s journey into the health world began when he was trying to solve his family’s health issues which were associated with having the MTFHR gene mutation. This then transformed into a mission to help people regain energy, immunity and vitality through the power of one of the most nutrient-dense, life-giving foods that have largely been ignored by modern society - beef organs. 

    Recognising the time-honoured tradition of nose-to-tail eating, Matt wanted to harness the incredible bioavailable vitamins, minerals, good fats and amino acids found in the organs of healthy grass-fed animals. Through his company, he ethically sources the highest-quality organs from cows fed on the lush and fertile pastures of Tasmania. Due to his family’s own health transformation, he truly believes in the life-changing potential of these supplements to support and improve our well-being.