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Anchovy Fillets

Cold Pressed EVOO

These award winning anchovies will be something you keep at hand permanently, just like salt and pepper - an absolute household pantry staple ingredient. Served in organic EVOO, we believe these anchovies are best in show.

The benefits.

  • Contributes to muscle growth and maintenance (protein)
  • Helps with normal functioning of your heart, brain and blood pressure (omega 3 EPA/DHA)
  • Aids the health of blood cells and nervous system, reducing tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B3 and B12)
  • Supports the immune system, muscles and bones (vitamin D)

What's goes in.

Anchovy fillets, cold-pressed, organic extra virgin olive oil

What's kept out.

Nitrites, sugar, dolphin and bycatch.

Did you know?

Did you know that most commercial fish is from unnatural farms? In these artificial environments, overcrowding leads to pollution and algae blooms. Such high-density living also means that fish are more likely to develop parasites and become diseased. Not something you want to think about when tucking into your tuna sandwich.


Sustainably caught in Italy.

Fish 4 Ever

Fishy by name, not by nature. Fish4Ever was founded on the idea of bringing organic values and sustainability to, well, fish. Their holistic, all-encompassing approach is both real and comprehensive, focussing on the land, the sea and the people. They not only support the best possible fishing practices, but also the communities and small boats that enact them. All fish is caught with a selective process in mind, aiming to do as little damage to sea life as possible. As for the taste, Fish4Ever’s range of tuna and sardines are filled with all those tasty benefits, accompanied by the freshest sauces and oils the world over. It’s sustainable canned fish you can trust.