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Cardamom has long been appreciated for its delicious, aromatic and therapeutic properties. Ayurvedic writings from the fourth century B.C discuss the healing properties of cardamom. Perfect in teas, coffee, curries, stewed apples, lentils, meat and the list goes on.

The benefits.

  • Contributes to healthy bone, connective tissue, energy creation, and good psychological health (manganese and magnesium)
  • Helps produce healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells (iron)
  • Effectively disarms free radicals and prevents oxidative stress (antioxidants)

What goes in.

Organic cardamom.

What's kept out.

Artificial colours, fillers and additives.

Did you know?

Did you know many commercial brands sneak unwelcome ingredients into their spices? Plant husks, cheaper seeds and other fillers are sometimes used to bulk up a spice, while industrial dyes and chromate may be added to amplify the colour.


Sourced in Guatemala.

Hot tip.

In Ayurvedic medicine, people use cardamom for its detoxifying properties as it appears to have some helpful effects on the liver, which plays a crucial role in removing toxins from the body.

Simply Organic

At the heart of every healthy kitchen lies a selection of quality herbs and spices. It sounds simple, but it makes all the difference. Simply Organic is dedicated to ensuring their products are grown and processed in an ethical and sustainable manner, from the field all the way to your kitchen. How? It’s simple. They develop direct, honest and genuine relationships with growers and are committed to integrity in all their business practices. They also support numerous organic and sustainable farming communities through the Simply Organic Giving Fund. To date, millions have been donated worldwide. So, you have all that to think about while seasoning your salad!