Spirit of Cacao
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Ceremonial Drinking Cacao
Pre-Chopped Chunks

This ethical and sustainable Peruvian cold pressed ceremonial grade cacao is indulgent, smooth, with sweet undertones, and melts in your mouth. Reiki infused for mind, body and soul - the rarest and most luxurious cacao on earth. Recommended to have cacao 2-3 times a week.

The benefits.

  • May contribute to a healthy heart and stable blood pressure (flavonoids — antioxidant)
  • May improve brain function and increase blood flow to the brain (flavonoid — antioxidant)
  • Promotes feelings of well-being (tryptophan — serotonin)
  • Contributes to healthy bones, connective tissue and energy creation (manganese and magnesium)
  • Protects your cells from damaging free radicals and contributes to your perception and mood (iron and copper)

“Ceremonial Cacao is an ancient plant medicine, a heart opener, wisdom keeper and guide who unlocks powerful universal knowledge from within you”

What goes in.

100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Organic Wild Grown Criollo Cacao Mass. Cold Pressed and Reiki infused.

Heads up - in warmer weather, chocolate may melt in transition. To ensure it reaches you in perfect condition, we recommend opting for express shipping to minimise transit time.

What's kept out.


Sugar, salt and preservatives. 

Did you know?

Most cacao used in commercial products is heavily processed (called cocoa) and farmed unsustainably. To meet increasing demand, many producers have turned to harmful farming practices, relying on synthetic fertilisers and pesticides to protect crops. So it’s best to choose your cacao and chocolate from fair-trade and organic farmers.



Deep within the Amazonian Region of Tarapoto, in the San Martin Province of Northern Peru.

Hot tip.

Best consumed as a brew, and take the time to tap in and connect to your centre as you align on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Recommend having cacao 2-3 times a week to experience the full effects of both the Reiki and Cacao.

Store cacao like you would an onion, in a dark cool place like a cupboard or pantry, away from direct sunlight. 

Nutritional Information.

Spirit of Cacao

Passionate about natural healing, wellness and self-mastery. Master Reiki Practitioners who felt the call to share their sacred Spirit Of Cacao and it’s deep healing abilities with Australia, and the world. Made in Peru specifically for medicine men and women to use in ceremony, from single-origin Criollo, they imbue each batch of cacao with Reiki to amplify its effects. This means you not only get the benefits of the cacao, but also the physical, spiritual and emotional healing of Reiki.