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Activated Charcoal Powder
Steam Activated

Derived from coconut shell fibre and steam rather than chemical-activated, this ultra-fine powder is 100% natural and works effectively to absorb toxins, poisons, pollutants and bacteria.

The benefits.

  • Great for digestive support for gas and bloating
  • Detoxification aid - an effective solution for removing unwanted substances out of the body, due its ability to bind an incredibly large amount of common toxins and gas. 
  • May help reduce cholesterol levels due to its ability to bind to bile acids and remove toxins from bile acids.

From the brand

  • Ultra-fine powder derived from coconut shell fibre
  • Medicinal Grade, unlike food grade charcoal used in water filters and for topical use
  • Steam Activated (unlike chemical activation) enhances adsorption (bonding) capacity
  • Strong drawing agent and promotes a neutral pH

What goes in.

Medicinal grade steam-activated coconut fibre charcoal powder

    What's kept out.

    Glucose, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. 

    Did you know?

    Activated charcoal is pure carbon comprised of millions of tiny micropores which have a large surface area. Just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 3,000 m2. This high degree of microporosity makes it extremely effective in binding to vast amounts of organic material. Used for thousands of years for its adsorbing (bonding) properties, it is still the most widely used drawing substance available today. This is why charcoal is found in water filters and used to treat acute poisoning in hospitals around the world as an emergency decontaminant.  


    Lovingly made in Australia.

    Hot tip.

    Add 1 heaped teaspoon (2g) to half a glass of water. Follow with 1 glass of water. 

      Eden Healthfoods

      Eden Healthfoods are passionate about improving your health with the support of their certified organic and sustainably sourced range of supplements. With customers’ health as the focus, founder Steven Prahin wholeheartedly believes that their supplements are highly bioavailable and therapeutic for our bodies as they are created with wildcrafted and concentrated wholefoods rather than synthetic, highly processed vitamins and minerals. Their range includes potent products designed to boost immunity and energy, support detox and increase protein intake.

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