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Fermented Hot Sauce
Twisted Tomato

This all natural fermented tomato hot sauce, grabs at your tastebuds with it’s tang, and lingers on with the addition of red-hot jalapeños. Think Friday nights, think cheesy fries but don't be fooled, this isn’t your old school tomato sauce.

The benefits.

  • Aids the immune system (vitamin C in jalapeños, garlic, ginger and spices)
  • Protects cells from the damaging effects of free radicals (vitamin E - antioxidant in tomatos)
  • Helps to improve bone and artery health and the healing of wounds (vitamin K in red jalapeños)
  • May help to reduce blood pressure (vitamin B6 in tomatos, red jalapeños and garlic)
  • Helps to improve bone and artery health and the healing of wounds (vitamin K in red jalapeños)

What goes in.

Tomatos, red jalapeños, red onion, salt, malt vinegar, brown sugar, garlic, spices and tarragon

What's kept out.

Gluten, artificial flavours and sweeteners.

Did you know?

Lacto-fermentation is the gateway to unlock deep flavour and layered complexity in food - it’s also great for your gut. What is  Lacto-fermentation? Well, it’s a preservation method where natural bacteria called Lactobacillus converts sugars into lactic acid. Commonly used for pickling vegetables and requires salt, vegetables, and water - no canning, no fancy equipment.


Made in Brunswick, Melbourne. 

Hot tip.

Its tomato sauce with personality so think Friday nights and think cheesy fries. 

Ultra Culture

Ultra Culture is the freaky fermented flavour fantasy of long time lovers Alex and Holly. They believe in conscious consumption, so nothing goes to waste in the UC kitchen. Wild new products are created from scraps and turned into liquid gold.

UC products honour seasonal ingredients and are ever changing. Our fermented products are alive, so not only are they delicious they are good for you too! All UC products are vegan and gluten free, good for your gut, earth and animals.