Good Fish

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Skipjack Tuna

Fillets in Organic Olive Oil

Tuna that makes your heart happy. This succulent and nourishing tuna is paired with EVOO, creating a quick meal that’s high in healthy fats. Importantly, each individual fish is sustainably caught and processed.

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The benefits.

  • Helps with normal functioning of your heart, brain and blood pressure (omega 3 EPA/DHA)
  • Aids the health of blood cells and nervous system, reducing tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B3 and B12)
  • Supports your immune system and contributes to normal thyroid function (selenium)
  • Supports the immune system, muscles and bones (vitamin D)

What goes in.

100% Skipjack tuna fillets, 35% organic extra virgin olive oil, salt.

What's kept out.

Nitrites, sugar, dolphin and bycatch.

Did you know?

Did you know that most commercial fish are from unnatural farms? In these artificial environments, overcrowding leads to pollution and algae blooms. Such high-density living also means that fish are more likely to develop parasites and become diseased. Not something you want to think about when tucking into your tuna sandwich.


Sustainably caught in the Canary Islands.

Good Fish

Some might say it’s hard to make canned fish appealing, but Good Fish are here to prove them wrong. Founded in 2003 by Camilla Mahony, Good Fish uses only the world’s finest fish caught by hook and line. They’re changing how we view these humble lunchtime tins! Good Fish believe the fish you eat should not only be good for you, but good for those who bring it to you, and good for the environment, too. The business exclusively supports ethical, sustainable and fair-trade farmers, fishers and processors, with products carefully sourced from its original location. Beyond the fish, its workers are rewarded for their labour, and their work traditions protected at all times.