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Activated Hazelnuts

These fresh hazelnuts are sweet and nutty and are grown locally in the Alpine Region around Myrtleford and Mt Beauty. They’re a great source of vitamin E, copper and manganese. They also contain healthy fats and fibre and work well in muesli, roasted or perfect for low-fuss healthy snack.

The benefits.

  • Helps with energy creation and the metabolism of fats, proteins, and sugar (vitamin B2)
  • Helps keep skin and hair healthy via haemoglobin and collagen formation (copper)
  • Assists in keeping your heart healthy and is a rich source of energy (monounsaturated fats)
  • Helps protect cells from damage and supports energy creation (vitamin E - antioxidant and manganese)

What goes in.

Organic activated hazelnuts.

What's kept out.

Preservatives, pesticides, and sugar.

Did you know?

Did you know that hazelnuts from the supermarket are generally coming from Turkey and were picked years ago. These Australian-grown Hazelnuts are always from the most recent growing season so are fresh, sweet and nutty.


Sourced from North East Victoria and Northern Tasmania

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Nutritional Information.

Pepo Farms

Growing food sustainably means working with the land, instead of against it. Food, farming and community are what Pepo Farms are all about. The journey of helping Aussie farmers began by pressing and milling their nuts into oils and flours. Today, Pepo Farms have expanded their social footprint. They’re passionate about bringing together farmers, growers, producers and customers to engage in actions and dialogue that work towards a future of food security. The team at Pepo Farms believe that everyone has a right to access local produce. Achieving this means changing attitudes around the viability of small scale farms through the establishment of social enterprise businesses.