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Kangaroo Ribs

100% Single Ingredient

A novel protein with hypoallergenic properties – the perfect alternative if your pooch is allergic to common meats like beef or chicken! This dog treat is ideal for all breeds and sizes, and easy to break into smaller pieces for small(er) bites.

The benefits.

  • Grain free. Meaning, the only ingredients are what nature intended — meat, vital organs, and bones – which means more protein and fewer soluble carbohydrates.
  • Supports healthy brain function and intestinal health with high levels of Omega-3 and natural B12 Vitamins. 
  • Kangaroo is a lean meat, with less than 2% fat — a fab treat to keep your dog fit and trim, or as a weight loss option if you still want your dog to enjoy treats from time to time.

What's goes in.

Plain kangaroo ribs. 100% single-ingredient, and nothing else. 

What's kept out.

Grains, additives, fillers, and any preservatives. 

Did you know?

Did you know that many dog treats do little to help your dog stay healthy and happy? In fact, many contain bad things that won’t do your doggo any favours. WAG treats are pure, through and through, offering benefits for every part of your dog’s health. Like being good for the gut, helping maintain healthy hips and joints and promoting healthy teeth and gums.


Made in Melbourne. 


WAG isn’t about (just) spoiling your dogs. It’s about treating them to what’s best. And that’s natural dog treats, made from air-dried, single-ingredient meats with no artificial preservatives, no added salt or sugars or glycerides. 100% natural. But not all treat companies have been good boys. In fact, many put bad things into their treats that won’t do your doggo any favours. That’s why WAG founder, Jeremy Goldman, started working with local Australian butchers and selling one of the first Australian-made, all-natural dog treats at Melbourne markets ten years ago. Today, they’re committed to treating dogs to good health, helping the modern pet parent make sustainable and ethical choices.