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Collagen Plus

With a unique blend of ​grass-fed and finished collagen, camu camu, shiitake mushroom and kelp, this supplement is rich in Vitamin C, iodine and amino acids.  Take it year-round to help support both your immune system and your gut health.

The benefits.

  • Contributes to collagen formation & protection from free radical damage (vitamin C in  collagen peptide and camu camu)
  • Helps contribute to muscle growth and repair (protein)
  • Contributes to healthy gut and skin by supporting structure and function of connective tissue (vitamin C in  collagen peptide and camu camu)
  • Helps maintain skin structure, supports healthy hair and aids in wound healing (Zinc and vitamin c)
  • Promotes the normal growth of a healthy digestion and gut health (iodine in sea kelp)

What goes in.

Unflavoured Grass-fed collagen peptide, camu camu, sea kelp, shiitake mushrooms.

    What's kept out.

    Glucose, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. 

    Did you know?

    As you age, your body produces less and lower-quality collagen, while collagen is often left out of the modern diet because it is not present in lean cuts of meat, but rather bones and connective tissue. Collagen provides structure to skin, bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue, and teeth, as well as supporting the structure of muscles, organs and arteries.


    Lovingly made in Australia.

    Hot tip.

    The beautiful thing about collagen is that you do not need to ‘bloom’ it like you do gelatin. It easily dissolves in any drink or liquid, whether hot or cold.

    Other ways to add it into your day are coffee, hot chocolate, tea, yoghurt, porridge, and baking. It is very versatile as it has no flavour.

      Love Ya Guts

      Nutritionist Brooke Gould and her husband Nathan started this Australian-owned company as a way to help people improve their wellbeing and fix their ailments by nurturing their gut health. They recognised that poor gut health (often caused by an overconsumption of highly processed foods) can be the root cause of many healthy issues. So they developed a range of gut-loving products that use only 100% natural ingredients with no fillers or artificial flavours.  Allergy friendly and with ingredients derived from sustainable and ethical sources, you can trust your gut that these supplements will support you on your wellness journey.