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    The benefits.

    • Helps protect cells, supports energy creation and maintains healthy bones and teeth  (manganese and phosphorus
    • Supports heart function, energy creation and supports mental and emotional well-being (vitamin B1, B3 and B5)
    • Assists in digestive health and healthy weight maintenance (fibre)
    • May help to protect eyes from damage and macular degeneration (lutein and zeaxanthin — polyphenols antioxidants)

    What goes in.

    Organic Wholemeal Flour (70%), Organic Wheat Flour, Filtered Water, Salt.

    What kept out.

    Preservatives, vegetable gums and emulsifiers.

    Did you know?

    Did you know that commercial wheat crops are often sprayed with glyphosate — the main ingredient in RoundUp — right before harvest? This herbicide can make its way into food products, increasing our risk of health concerns like negatively affecting our good gut bacteria. The moral of the story? Always opt for organically farmed flours.


    Made with care in Melbourne. 

    Mountain Bread Company