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Mountain Bread
8 Wraps

Mountain Bread's delicious range of natural wraps are full of goodness and easy to use. Fill with healthy ingredients for a nourishing breakfast or lunch, these wraps can be eaten with sweet or savoury fillings.


The benefits.

  • Helps protect cells, supports energy creation and maintains healthy bones and teeth  (manganese and phosphorus)
  • Supports your immune system and contributes to normal thyroid function (iron)
  • Assists in digestive health and healthy weight maintenance (fibre)
  • May help to protect eyes from damage and macular degeneration (lutein and zeaxanthin — polyphenols antioxidants)

What goes in.

Rye Wholemeal Flour (70%), Wheat Flour (flour, folate, thiamin), Filtered Water, Iodised Salt.

What kept out.

Preservatives, vegetable gums, yeast and emulsifiers.

Did you know?

Did you know that rye flour when milled to a light rye loses much of it's vitamin and fibre content. Wholemeal rye flour retains much of its health benefits, making it good for your immune system, bone health and energy creation.


Made with care in Melbourne. 

Mountain Bread Company

Since its humble beginnings over 35 years ago, baking for family members using the traditional Lebanese recipe, Mountain Bread has become an Australian phenomenon. Family owned and operated, the team behind Mountain Bread pride themselves on staying true to tradition, strictly adhering to the original recipe that was first made in the mountains of Lebanon. Their mission is simple, their ingredients list short and sustainably sourced, making their bread healthy and your meal time easy.