Natural Evolution
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3-in-1 Multifibre

With a unique blend of green banana resistant starch, gold sweet potato, Jerusalem artichoke and probiotics, this is a superhero powder for your gut as it nourishes beneficial gut bacteria and supports digestion. Vegan, gluten and dairy free, it’s easy to add to smoothies, juices and soups.

The benefits.

  • Promotes healthy digestion and gut health (fibre in all ingredients) 
  • Protects bone structure and joint health (magnesium)
  • Helps protect your cells from free radical damage and contributes to normal thyroid function (copper and selenium)
  • Aids your nervous system, keeps muscles strong and healthy and your blood pressure normal (potassium)
  • Supports brain and blood health, and reduces tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B2 and B6)

What goes in.

Green banana resistant starch, gold sweet potato powder, Jerusalem Artichoke Powder, bacillus coagulans (lactose free). 

What's kept out.

Gluten, dairy, synthetics, fillers, artificial colours, sugars, flavours and preservatives.

Did you know?

The richest source of resistant starch is found in a variety of bananas grown in Tropical North Queensland. While regular bananas consumed by the mass market, such as Cavendish or Plantains, still contain resistant starch (they must be green), they only contain a mere half the resistant starch as their cousins known as Lady Fingers. Not only are Lady Fingers the richest natural source of resistant starch in their green form but they are also loaded with other naturally occurring benefits.


Sustainably made in Queensland.

Hot tip.

Alternatively add to juice, smoothies, yoghurt, cereal, porridge, hot chocolate, desserts or any hot or cold foods.

Nutrition information.

Natural Evolution

This is a company that you can truly go bananas for! Second generation farmer Rob’s family were among the largest banana growers in Australia, specialising in a variety called Lady Fingers. Keen to eliminate food waste, he soon saw potential in the tonnes of imperfect green bananas thrown out every week due to their rejection by supermarkets. These little green wonders however, are one of the highest sources of resistant starch, which is excellent for nurturing gut health.


From producing and selling out of small batches of banana flour to receiving a grant in 2014 to build the world’s first pharmaceutical grade banana factory, Rob has become a revolutionary in the world of sustainable and innovative farming. The range now also includes baking mixes and health powders, and everything is gluten and dairy free, with absolutely no additives or preservatives.