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Flaxseed Meal

Organic Golden

Flaxseeds are an extraordinary superfood, and Stoney Creek golden flaxseed is a premium crop. So this is as super as superfood gets. With a mild, nutty taste it’s perfect for sprinkling over salads, smoothies and cereals.

The benefits.

  • Promotes healthy digestion and gut health (fibre)
  • Can help reduce appetite and cravings (protein)
  • Helps with heart health and may lower risk of stroke (omega-3 ALA)
  • May help with balancing hormone levels like estrogen (lignans)

What goes in.

Organic golden flax seeds.

What's kept out.

Synthetic fertilisers and pesticides.

Did you know?

Did you know that most seeds are grown on commercial farms using synthetic fertilisers and harsh pesticides? Seed plants must be left in the field for as long as possible, to allow the seeds to reach maturity before they’re harvested. But with more time, comes a higher risk of pests and disease, so farmers often rely on these chemicals to keep them at bay.


Grown in Victoria.

Hot tip.

Try it as a cereal or muesli topper for an extra dose of nutrients in your morning.

Stoney Creek

Stoney Creek is so committed to their ethos, they turned it into a trademark: ‘Healthy Farm. Healthy Food.’ It’s simple, yet very, very effective. Founded in 1992 by Fred and Coral Davies, this family-run business is still considered an industry leader today, renowned for its range of premium quality, certified organic flaxseed oil, meal and flour. But it’s not just about what they’re selling. Stoney Creek stays true to their pacts of almost 30 years: to create local jobs, support organic Australian farmers, foster sustainable farming practices and fight for our right to consume nutritious foods that are not genetically modified in any way, shape or form.